Property Management Phoenix | Protecting Vacant Rental Property


Phoenix real estate management companies know that vacant properties can be targets for property crime.With vacancies at historic lows, it is fairly unlikely that your investment property will sit vacant for any extended period of time. However, any property manager in Phoenix, Arizona will tell you that a vacant rental property can be a security liability. So how can working with a property manager in Phoenix, Arizona help protect your investment property? Here are five simple steps that will help keep your investment safe while you are waiting for your next tenant:


  • Screen callers. The first strategy that many Phoenix real estate management companies use to help lessen the security risks associated with a vacant property is to screen any interested parties that make inquiries. In fact, tenant screening is a big part of what specialists in property management in Phoenix do. Your property manager will use caution when initiating contact with interested parties, making sure not to divulge any information about the property that might compromise its security.

  • Draw the blinds. There are a few schools of thought amongst those in property management in Phoenix, Arizona about how one should manipulate the blinds of a vacant property. Some property managers recommend leaving them completely closed, while others recommend closing the blinds on the ground floor, while leaving those in the top floors open (the thinking being that closing the blinds on all windows can be a dead giveaway that no one is home). Use your best judgment and determine which option serves your specific property better.

  • Take down any "For Rent" signs. Professionals in property management in Phoenix, AZ know that nothing makes a vacancy more obvious than a "For Rent" sign, so such signs can fairly be called crime magnets. One of the benefits of working with experts in property management in Phoenix, Arizona is that they have enough marketing tools in their arsenals to help get your property a huge amount of exposure without having to resort to measures that might compromising its security.

  • Keep up with yard work. An unkempt lawn is another message to burglars that a property is vacant. Making sure that the grounds of your investment property receive regular care-whether occupied or not-is a very easy step you can take to help minimize the dangers of property crime.

  • Use a timer for the lights. Even if your investment property is sitting vacant, using a timer to help control the lights can give the impression that someone is home. Setting the living rooms and bedroom lights to go on and off at scheduled times can go a long way in protecting your investment property.


With rental demand in Phoenix as high as it is, most investment property owners aren't having problems with vacancies these days. However, even during the short period between tenants, your investment property can be a target for crime. Working with one of the Phoenix real estate management companies can be a great way to help lessen the security risks associated with vacant rental properties. If you have any more questions about how a property manager can help safeguard your rental investment property, talk to a OneProp Phoenix property manager today!







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