Association Management Services


Serving on your HOA board is an excellent way to help maintain the integrity of your neighborhood and the value of your property. However, with today's busy schedules finding the time to manage everything required to run one correctly can be difficult to do. That is where an Austin homeowners association management services company can help.


When you hire a homeowners association management services company like ONEprop you get more than your time back. You get the value of working with professionals who are members of the Community Associations Institute. Our team has the skills, experience and knowledge to help your community succeed, prosper and avoid many of the pitfalls that exist in today's society.


Whether you are serving as a trustee, board member or a volunteer you are trusted with the responsibility of making decisions that impact the entire community.  The decisions you make can have a direct financial affect on everyone involved. Homeowners association management services companies provide guidance that can help you make the right choices for your neighbors and your community. When you choose to work with ONEprop you will receive help with the following:


  • The proper and legal running of your HOA annual meeting
  • Procedures for elections of board members
  • Assessments
  • Avoidance of conflict of interest
  • Transparency in reporting
  • Enforcement of rules
  • Reserve funding for the community
  • Compliance with laws and regulations governing communities
  • Online payment of dues
  • Preparation of annual budget
  • Reconciliation of expenses
  • Oversight of vendors
  • 24 hour on-call emergency repair service








ONEprop Inc. is a Phoenix Property Management Real Estate Brokerage licensed by the State of Arizona, ADRE license # LC634225000